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from by Those Fine Lads

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You know I wanna laugh all day
Drink the night away with my closest friends and
You say that they're a waste of time but hang on they're mine, not yours
I'm not saying that you gotta love'em
But we got a problem if you're gonna stop me from
Goin out to make the poor decisions that I've envisioned tonight
And I didn't really wanna go until you forbade me from
Havin fun my way. Sorry but now I give a hoot
About the forbidden fruit in the next room

You know about my shitty week and how
Little sleep I've been functioning on
I could use a little memory chaser to erase the recent past
Maybe we'll go out and start bar hopping, or end up stopping
In the wrong part of town. Or maybe I'll pregame at home.
End up passing out alone
It doesn't really matter at this point
It's almost like I wanna disappoint you now
I'ma do what I wanna do. I'll joke, I'll drink, I 'll smoke if I want to!

You call it self destructive, I call it stress reductive
There's a bottle of gin within, that's full of sin
That'll give me the grin that
I've been waiting for all this time
No you don't wanna listen to me whine
So get on board, or get out of the way
The Lads are here to play oh yes we're here to stay to play today!

You know that I love you to death
But this is a mess that I wanna wrestle with
I could use a little liquid courage to discourage the pain
Of the fact that I'm a nobody. A homebody that likes to party and
I may never realize my dreams but baby I can blackout tonight
And I'll never get to play onstage at a show
Where people paid to come see me
All I got is the amateur hour
Where the beer is cheap and admission is free


from Those Fine Lads, released August 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Those Fine Lads Miami, Florida

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